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Answer: Event Box is an online events marketplace for all types of events. You can find all kinds of details regarding different service providers such as venues, caterers, event planners, photographers, makeup artists etc. You can also book their services through our platform.
We do not list all service providers on our platform. Only those service providers who have a great reputation in the market and are trusted by consumers are eligible to be a part of Event Box. We follow a strict background check to provide you a curated list of the best service providers in the country across different price ranges.
1. Browse our platform to choose your desired service providers.
2. Request for a quotation - we will then get in touch with you to collect additional details.
3. We will then provide you with the best quotation for your services.
4. Confirm your order through us with your desired service providers.
1. Find venues/service providers, you may not know of, based on your specific requirements. Not just that, we can provide you with answers to all your questions about the particular venue/service provider, including pricing information.
2. Get negotiated prices across venues/service provider categories in order to make an informed decision. We take away the hassle of individually negotiating with several venues and service providers in order to plan your event. With Eventbox you get all of that at once, this helps you make the right decision.
Besides service provider discovery and booking, you can look to us for service provider selection/consultancy or 360 degree event management using your personally selected service providers. You can also check our blogs for ideas to plan your dream wedding.
Service provider discovery, requesting quotations & booking through our platform is free of cost. Other services such as service provider selection/consultancy & 360 degree event management is a premium service with a fixed cost.